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Istanbul Helicopter Tours

Istanbul Helicopter Tours is a helicopter tour operator in Istanbul. They offer a range of tours and services to suit any budget and time frame, with the ultimate goal of providing an unforgettable experience.

Istanbul Helicopter Tours offers helicopter tours and services in the city of Istanbul. They provide tours for all budgets and time frames, with the ultimate goal of providing an unforgettable experience for every customer.

Perfect City View

This company offers a variety of tours such as morning excursions, sunset flights, helicopter transfers to hotels, or even romantic tours. They also have special offers for tourists who are visiting Istanbul for the first time or who are looking to explore Istanbul from a different perspective. Istanbul Helicopter Tours is one of the best companies in this field because they offer great customer service and their pilots are experienced professionals with years of experience flying helicopters.

Istanbul is Turkey's financial, cultural, and social hub, and it is where East and West collide. It takes more than a day to explore the huge international - intercontinental - city. Istanbul is densely packed with historical sites and monuments. The aerial view of these structures is enchanting and lovely. Tourists are enthralled by the prospect of getting a bird's eye perspective of Istanbul. On one side, there are seaways, and on the other, there are monuments. The most photographed attraction in Istanbul is the Blue Mosque. This is one of the world's most famous mosques.

The Blue Mosque was formerly known as the "Friday Mosque" because people would pray there on Fridays, but it now serves as a mosque for all days of the week.In 1856, Sultan Abdülmecid allowed the construction of a mosque in Bayrampasa on what was known as the "Golden Horn" to commemorate 40 years since Selim III's conquest of Istanbul. The mosque opened in 1863 and became popular among Istanbul residents.Due to its popularity, the building expanded and included many more areas, including a library and madrasah (Islamic school).Although it has been renovated several times over.

Helicopter Tour - To Feel Free!

Our highly qualified team and top-of-the-line helicopters will satisfy your desire to see the city from above. They have years of experience and training in helicopter piloting. There's no need to be scared or stressed; instead, relax and enjoy your tour because our services are dependable and convenient. This remarkable helicopter tour starts with a sight of the Golden Horn, the Historical Peninsula, and the Straits, continued by island tours. With trips available every day, you can see the grandeur of one of the world's most well-known cities, Istanbul, from the sky. A fantastic Istanbul helicopter tour will showcase the city to your friends and family.

Our goal is to provide you with better service. We provide unrivaled customer support and affordable pricing on a diverse range of helicopters. We can satisfy your feelings and desires to travel anywhere on practically any aircraft thanks to our broad network of suppliers.

We go through tremendous steps to ensure that your travel is faultless, pleasant, and elegant. One of our top priorities is ensuring your protection. We emphasize the value of quality and service, but we always emphasize you and your protection. Simply put, we have the knowledge and expertise to get you wherever you want to go.

It is shaped like a Greek cross, with beautiful blue tiles and domes on each corner. It was built by Sultan Ahmet III in 1616 and restored by Sultan Mahmut II in 1754 after damage caused by an earthquake.

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